Sunday, May 27, 2012

I will help you

Derp Daron - I will help you
Based on the novel of C.D.Axter
Graue slipped under the bed when the door opened.
'Oh no, please'
A huge robot stood there for some seconds, then entered the room.
Maybe its size was an adventage for her, cause it was not easy
 for the big machine to move inside the room.
Without a second thought, Graue jumped off and ran as fast as she could.
So fast she didnt notice the little robot was there too ...
The corridors were too silent and quiet while she ran screaming for help.
When the doctor appeared, she held him blindly in her panic.
'Help! Help me! The robots are here!'
'Oh, are they?' He pushed her lightly to the door with a whisper.
'Of course Im helping you.  I am the only one who is going to help you'
                                                              To be continued
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