Saturday, May 18, 2013

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Marlow and Ree are so fun. And they are a great couple. They feel good together and somehow make people around them feel good too.
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I need so much to feel good, and i want to be away from home and mom and her new life.
I spend a lot of time with my friends.
Today i met some of them at LOla's, and
Ree was explaining how she went to help Marlow with the kids.

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Awww sweet! hahahahahaha But when she took Ree to her AMAZING bedroom, they found out that they had things in common.

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So they became good friends, and had great time talking about drawing and bad princesses (Marlow told Mitzi that Ree was a bad princess too, and Mitzi (and Ree) loved it ).
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LOla was very interested in Loulou's career as model She was also working for several designers and we all had seen her last pictures for the WET NEWS  magazine.
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Then that guy arrived. Rat, Ree's ex. He began talking to her as if no one of us was there.  Marlow asked who this guy was.
Then Rat smiled daring Ree to explain him who he was and the things they did together, back in the old times when she was always on fire.
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 We all saw Ree was trembling. 'Lets go, hottie, yeah?', said the bad guy, and Ree looked terrified. But then Marlow pulled her close and smiled.
Huyyy... Rat didnt like that...
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Oh nooo no one could stop Marlow, but it was clear Rat was used to fight.
LOla began shouting she had called the police and they were coming. Thanks to that the guy decided to run... so good cause Marlow was doing his best but ...
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Poor Marlow! And poor Ree, she was so sad and scared...
LOla wanted to take Marlow to the hospital, but he didnt want to go. He didnt seem seriously injured... though his face would look a bit funny for some days. But Ree will not care, cause as she told him...
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