Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nice Butt!

He was busy with his shoelace or something, but actually, first thing we noticed was his butt.

+HUHU+ City jeans
!BaaaH! Shape Sten
He was too funny, and he had not only a great butt but a nice smile.
PURE sales ::Czarny Kanarek:: Blue harem pants
Sugar & Cyanide  Star Corset
::Designer Circle::..{Co*Motion} Naughty*Naomi pose set
We went to class with Umi telling Sugar Suz to PLEASE behave and Sugar Suz complaining she NEEDED a boyfriend really bad hahahahaha
Grumble for Meshie Monday TOP
+HUHU+ Leather skirt

The morning was really nothing special,
till Mr Book came to tell us that a group of university students would be in the school next weeks, working in a project.
Acid Lily //elephante poses// Dusk And Summer w/hat
::Designer Circle::..
[[ Masoom ]] Meli pants and top smoked gilli
HOLLYHOOD  Mesh red Lover heels

And the project was about fashion&school... and they would ask us to help them...

OH WOW revolution!
Poor Miss Cheesy, no one payed attention to her art class, we all wanted Mr Book to come back with the student who was leading the project.
::Designer Circle::. .COCO SHAPES Rosie Shape & Rosie sundress
Acid Lily {Co*Motion} The*Artist 
::Designer Circle::.
::PiNK CHERRY::. Yellow Sapphire Sun Earrings
.COCO SHAPES Rosie Shape
PURE sales  = Baby Butterfly = Skin Paramore
The girls and I kept whispering our excited gossips...
She will be one of those super stylish uni girls for sure...
a mix between bad girl...
PURE sales *[Starry Heaven]* Momo Poses
!BaaaH! new skin koko
Sugar & Cyanide Bad Bitch

... sweet girl...
!BaaaH! new skin koko with acid pink glossy
EYELURE Dream Tee  - i love you

Ans of course, awesome girl.
!BaaaH! new skin koko
[[ Masoom ]]  Higher gown group gift 2

Ohhh but finally, when we were afraid Mr Book had forgotten about it, he was back.
And yay! he was not alone... but she was very different from the one we had imagined. Lets begin by saying, that she was not a she.
!BaaaH! Shape Sten
+HUHU+ City jeans
House of Gibberish Bubbles Tenticool mesh shirt 
!BaaaH! Shape Sten
House of Gibberish Bubbles Tenticool mesh shirt 

Dont you love surprises? :)
!BaaaH! new skin koko
::Designer Circle::..::PiNK CHERRY::. Coral Sun Earrings 
::Designer Circle::..
HOLLYHOOD  Mesh red Lover heels

.::BT::. Tragic boots
OPOPOP Strhitch // Unisex // Mesh Sneakers

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