Thursday, June 27, 2013

A model on our team

The university team asked for a place where they could be on their own to do their research work, and the school allowed them to use the old container- office in the back yard (aka the smokers yard- aka the garbage yard ).

Graffitiwear Pink Jean Mesh Skirt
EYELURE MiniCrop Top 
Loulou wanted to go there and tell them she was almost a professional model so they could count on her for the photography report. As Sugar Suz had to stay for a tutorial with Miss Beatrice, she dragged me to the back yard.
Ugh, I feel so shy when i have to do these things...
But have you ever tried to stop an-almost-top-model ?
And some days you can tell Loulou feels very top model because of the way she wears and acts.
ToXiC HiGh CH Monster High 1cartoon hunt outfit
::Designer Circle::. Modern Couture KAROLYNE HAIR and earrings
Elephante poses for THE PERFECT WARDROBE Party In The USA 
Suddenly the door opened. But it was not the kind Mr Nice Butt  (as Sugar Suz called him), but a girl.
!BaaaH! Maj-Lis Silver  skin
.::BT::. Soaring and tragic boots
Oh, so not all the university guys were as easygoing as the first one.
TaTToo PaRaDiSe Hip Japonese Best Dragon VG
OPOPOP  Enme in Cyan // Jean's VM 
!BaaaH!  Shape Will
Jamman Jewels & Accessories Necklace
Erm... groupies?? What a ...!
Loulou was angry and I WAS angry too. But then...
!BaaaH! Maj-Lis Silver  skin
.::BT::. Soaring and tragic boots
Oh but this guy is really nice, and in spite of Hush (his gf?), he told us they were super glad to count on us and ...
!BaaaH! Sten shape
House of Gibberish Hello Mah Honey mesh shirt
+HUHU+  Male skinny jeans
Yay! We are on the team!!

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Jamman Jewels & Accessories  
Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV5
Loordes of London The Puppeteers shoes   
The Boobies Planet Busty Boutique Yachi white 
Akeruka  Twiggy chocolate skin
Loordes of London  weekend sales Baubles! by Phe SoMuchForVegas Jewellery 
Akeruka  Manuela chocolate skin
The Kollective Loordes of London-The Bard
~*BaUbLeS! by Phe IrridescentScalesBaub! 
The Boobies Planet -NewtiQue- MyBoobs Corset&Jeans
Akeruka  MegV2 chocolate skin
The Kollective *ANNA SHAPES* - Lotus 
-Pin me up-Poses .just standing here

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