Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wait here

We had the first 'work meeting'  with the team. Loulou didnt like it when a girl we didnt know asked us to wait.
When the girl came back (it didnt take long), she told us she needed us to help with some pictures.
Ohhhh Loulou smiled and got up. Yay! So they needed a model!
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No... they didnt need to TAKE pics. They wanted us to see some pics and say if we would wear those outfits or not. We couldnt do this together, we couldnt see what the others were answering, we will be in separate rooms with someone keeping an eye on us to not use the mobile phones...

Oh, you can bet it seemed serious! They sent us to different rooms, and asked us to wait there for the person who will work with us. I saw Hush at Loulou's door and i wondered if we would have drama...

(to be continued)
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TSYI! Top, Shorts , hat, sandals
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