Friday, June 28, 2013

Queen of what?

Loulou, Umami and I are on the work team of the university guys. But not everybody likes them.
For exemple...Tis, the school journal director, doesnt want to have anything to do with them.
'They think they are too good for us, the school kids!'
Elephante Poses You Won't See Me pose set w/glasses  The Sexy Nerd Hunt
 Forbidden Closet Designs Day Dreamer
 ~*BaUbLeS! by Phe HandPendants 
The boys pretend they dont give a damn about all this story... but I dont think they really like it when some of these sexy 'oldies' are around :)
!BaaaH! Shape Sonny
Akeruka Kal V2

House of Gibberish Zombie Fighter mesh shirt
And i know some girls dont like how some of the uni girls act. Cause you should hear Sugar Suz and Loulou when we meet some of them here and there (and its NOTcause some of them are gorgeous :) )
'Bah, what a silly look with that cap...This girl thinks she is the queen of WHAT?'
The Kollective *ANNA SHAPES* - Lanna
EYELURE  Dyed Summer Skinnies  -  Twilight
Fuji Fiesta Tops (Greyscale)  Weekend Blitz
Lustful blush for the  PASION 4 RED HUNT 
Hmm you better dont ask :)

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