Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fashion league

The girls said we wouldnt care for that stupid league at all. But after the first game, everybody feels  like FIGHTING.

Yeah yeah... We dont like to admit it, but it was a disaster. And the boys say we cant allow the school to get the 'devastated cup', that seems to be the trophy for the last team in the league.
House of Gibberish Hello Mah Honey -male/yellow mesh
Akeruka Caesar skin 
Ok ok, a disaster! But this has just begun (ugh), and as Umami says...

And well, they look good, dont they? 

FASHION WARDROBE .::Pink Sugah::. Anyone for Tennis 
+HUHU+   Illegal sneakers
dl:: Coca Cola Caps
HOT STUFF Stockings with slink feets appliers
Yes girls go for the vodoo and for any help you can get, cause...

6/0- 6/0 -6/0 ... lost. 
Well, at least we wont have to buy the magic pasties hahahahaahahahaha
House of Gibberish Hello Mah Honey -male/yellow mesh
+HUHU+  City skinny jeans
OPOPOP TheCity // Unisex // Mesh Sneakers

DaZeD DeZineZ Unisex Legend Zebra Pants
POMPOSITY  Chained cross necklace
~PURE~ {MESH} Straplese Body Suit
*SLAVE* DreSSing RooM Q U E E N  Shoes
Elephante Poses  Grenade pose set 
House of Gibberish  mesh Bubbles Tenticool -female/purple
OPOPOP  mesh Enme jeans
PURE sales -Pin me up-Poses.just standing around
Elephante Poses  Pump It The Fist Pump 3 Hunt
The Boobies Planet ! Liliskins Betty Bombshell w/ Tango Applier
FASHION WARDROBE .::Pink Sugah::. Anyone for Tennis 
+HUHU+   Illegal sneakers
HOT STUFF Stockings with slink feets appliers
Elephante Poses  

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