Saturday, July 6, 2013

We've got the best team

HOT STUFF Get ready for this - outfit

I also wonder what we are doing here.
The summer camp league began yesterday with a soccer game. And the girls had to play it.
When we saw our rivals we had some hope. They come from an expensive private school and  look so nice! They  seemed unable to put any dirt on their outfits.

HOT STUFF Get ready for this 
!BaaaH! Maj-Lis Lemon and Nina shape
Sup Poses *You Know It* pose set
*ANNA SHAPES*  Allyson
Sup Poses  Cry cry girl pose set
!BaaaH! Jlo'Skin Soleil and PUNKY shape

Ree said, '  if we are lucky , they will step on their own HUGE BOOBS when running ' hahahaha

Akeruka Caesar skin
Jamman Jewels & Accessories Necklace play the game heart 
Dulce Secrets  Lunar Pistachio Eyes
Our sexy coach seemed very selfsecure too, he told us we were going to EAT THEM RAW ,  and  shouted our battle cry  MOVE THOSE SEXY BUTTS AND JUST DO IT! and yeah! we went for it.

+HUHU+ Harem sport pants and illegal sneakers
And to make a long story short, the super blondies didnt step on anything... The match ended 0-7... for them.
Oh my and this has just begun!

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