Saturday, December 7, 2013

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

So Loulou is doing it.
Her dream is coming true.

We are glad for her, of course, its just... that she is thinking herself a star  and she is becoming a bit difficult.

Last evening she couldnt come to the friday movie forum at school, and didnt appear later for the usual pizza either.

Sugar Suz and I went to find a table while Marlow and Ree looked for a parking place for the truck, and Silence and Umi stayed with them.

The storm began suddenly.
They got soaked, specially Ree and Marlow, who seem to live in another world.
::WetCat::  "Till Rain Stops" II 
::WetCat::  "Till Rain Stops" III
TAMELESS Sandy hair
[[ Masoom]] Peace on Earth Hunt outfit
MUNIQUE Spike Jewelry
We couldnt help but talking about Loulou's success.

While Marlow and Silence were busy with the drinks, Sugar Suz Told us the big news.
::::OhLaLa::: December Gift Male
[M.O.W] Londonist jeans
The Fashion Fair Crash Design Shopping Bag male 
DAZED DEZINEZ Naya Beanie Unisex 300 Group Gift
Loulou has a new boyfriend! 
Who? Another rich man, said Sugar Suz, cause Loulou had told her that he wanted to buy her a car !!!(little gift for Christmas :P),
P&W Design in marketplace N - ms 38 box v11
but she rather wanted some nice jewellery. Yeah, we girls, we all  love jewels. 'All?' asked Marlow sitting with us.
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Super Star Sneakers 
 Frozen Coffee cup poses
Then Ree said she had seen a wonderful set that would fit Loulou soooo good...
MUNIQUE Spike Jewelry
Oh my! These girls are always the same! :)
::Designer Circle::. Eyelure Off Shoulder Knit Dress
POMPOSITY Bauble Madness Earrings
::Designer Circle::.  Kanou  Nayra dress
Loordes of London Sacre Couer Boots-Sienna 

 Frozen Water Bottle Poses
Sugar & Cyanide Carissa
The Main Event

Loordes of London
L'Experience Haute boots
TAMELESS Sandy hair

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