Friday, December 6, 2013

Fashion for all seasons

Its time to get our homes ready for Xmas. Mom and I will decorate our house this weekend. Its going to be a bit special, cause we have a big family this year!
Little ZsiZsi, End and Silence, ... and granny is coming too!
The girls and I went shopping this afternoon. I picked up Umami, and we both went for Ree.
Elephante Poses  Find My Way  Holiday Havoc Hunt
MM5 Rock! First Lesson Bermuda-Mesh Man
Oh wow, they had been decorating and the livingroom was gorgeous!
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island FURNITURE
Upstairs, Ree and Wispa were messing around, thinking of the deco for the Xmas party.
Winter Gacha Fair .S&C. Santa Baby - Red RARE
The Winter Trend Fair //elephante poses// White As Snow 
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island FURNITURE
OH WOW! Wispagold is a famous singer, her party will be full of stars!! Umami said we needed to begin looking for the most amazing outfits ever, and Ree said she loved Xmas fashion.
Yes! Cause i love summer clothing... but winter outfits are amazing too!
Siria's Fashion Room ..\..MiSsY.sTyLe./.. Cristina
TAMELESS Hair Precilla
Toxic High A steampunk X-mas hunt
TAMELESS Hair Precilla
The Fashion Fair
Immerse Sequoia
Loordes of London-Ailith Booties-Red Tweed
The Winter Trend Fair
 Sergeant Parka
Mad Hatters Midweek Sale
MeshWinter Snow Cat Hat
Souled Out Super fades

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