Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good or bad News?

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Last night on tv, the special guest at  STUDIO STARS was a famous model who has been hired to work with Loulou and the other atèlier's girls.
They call her News... maybe cause she is always on the news  :P
News had been late to the show, though she was very calm while everybody around her wanted her to hurry.
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Then the presenter said that they had decided to take News out of the studio, to the 'cozy room', the one for the very intimate interviews.
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Ohhh it was going to be a very spicy interview! News seemed amused and played her role perfectly.
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What about the poses for the ChainMe magazine?
 'Oh yes, nice, werent they?'
'But you were wearing a chastity belt!'
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'And tell me...How does it feel wearing that?'
'Have you never tried? I strongly recommend you to add it to your sexy toys'
 'I dont have sexy toys!'
 'No? Ah, now i know why  you look so boring...'
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'And you are a bad girl who has had more than one problem with the police...' 'Naaaa... the police had problems with me, but thats not my fault'
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The presenter said obviously, News was not the daughter-in-law a  mom could dream for her son.
She laughed and claimed to be a nice, homey girl...
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'I think any mom would love me, im a sweet girl!'

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'If you say so...' 
'What i say is, love me or hate me, hun, cause i dont give a ...'
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Hahahaha i loved the program. She is fun. Maybe Loulou will be friends with her and we get to meet her! 

A great store is closing... We will miss it!
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