Monday, December 30, 2013

Stars war

Loulou told us about  the arrival of News to the atèlier this morning. The girls dont like it when a new 'star' arrives.  And they were ready for the war.As soon as they entered the door they asked if  'she' was there... But she wasnt.
DAZED DEZINEZ Love Me Zebra White and Sofia Zebra boots
-Luckie-  Boss Bitch Tote
Xen's Hats Muldrow
Loordes of London -Pachia Purse  and L'experiènce haute boots
Vanity is the star of the stars, and they all admit it. Loulou says she is a spoiled child, difficult and unbearable... and everybody would love to be HER :)
Xen's Hats Muldrow
EmmePose ^Meow^
EYELURE  Big Sweater Violet &  Buff Uggz
The photos began before the new girl arrived, the theme was 'Lonely tonight?'  for Yeah. fashion magazine, with this suggestive cover...
PRIME for The Collage
Loulou said there was a silent extra glamour added to the session, with everybody looking incredibly amazing (to let the 'newbie' see the high level she was supposed to match).
POMPOSITY  Pearl flower ring
1HUNDRED Bareback Bodysuit
MUNIQUE Lace Suit and Amen earrings
Buzzeri & Nox Mysteria Eyes  
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 9inch ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS
HUSH skins Taylor
POMPOSITY  Twisted Gypsy Set 
Sugar & Cyanide Frost Lingerie DISCOUNT SALES!!
!BaaaH! Africa skin
Where was the newbie? Ohhh here she comes!
Loulou was posing the moment she appeared. The manager stopped the session to introduce her.
The manager said everybody was invited to Zoup (the most fashionable restaurant nowadays) to welcome News . 'It will be a good chance for you to begin knowing eachother!'
Yeah, sure. But war is war.
1HUNDRED Bareback Bodysuit
CURVES Amanda skin and make up
And one after the other, following Vanity, the girls excused themselves and left. Loulou said News didnt seem to give a damn and went to get her make up on to be ready for her pics.
::Designer Circle::.  Graffitiwear Denim outfit
But if war is war, it has just begun.
Buzzeri & Nox Metallic Gloss and Pixie Shadows
HOT STUFF Freya skin
-Luckie- Shortie Tights 
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Painted shadows face tattoo and Vampire bite tattoo
Dirtyland Striper's Legband

Sugar & Cyanide 

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