Friday, February 7, 2014


Siria's Fashion Room 
Brii Underground Wear MESH BRIANNA BOOTS 28 BLACK & WHITE  
RD Style Pencil Dress Valentine
Snowmen Invasion Gacha
~BLD~ Cute Aliens Gacha 
Things have not been easy lately.
We were travelling to the beach when mom noticed that ZsiZsi had high fever, and they dediced to return home.
A bit later, Wispa was calling End.
He had made the pics for the cover of her new album. She couldnt find the originals now, and the promotion party was that same night, would he be so nice to give her a copy?
So End went with her to the studio... and caught Umi and Silence there.

Cosmopolitan Sales Room
HEYDRA Dean Cargo Gray 
 [M.O.W] Basic shirt
Since then, Silence has been locked in his room when he is home, and End is so super angry at him that not even mom can make him make peaces with his grandson.

I was babysitting ZsiZsi (who is perfectly ok after her fever) when he arrived, said hi and ran upstairs to the attic.

When ZsiZsi fell asleep i went to see him.
Siria's Fashion Room 
 RD Style Pencil Dress Valentine
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture
Siria's Fashion Room
Brii Underground Wear Mesh Brianna Boots
RD Style Pencil Dress Valentine
[E.P] Pack Barbie
Silence says he thinks he will win. 'The picture is awesome', he said, 'but not cause of the technic but because of Umi. She is so beautiful she could make the camera talk'.
Yeah, but if he wins, the picture wil be cover of  the sunday magazine. And also, a famous perfum designer is going to buy it for his new creation, called The Dream .
Thats fame. Thats money. And thats Umi's naked pic exposed everywhere!!

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