Friday, February 7, 2014

Enchanted Rockabilly

StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Rock and Roll Tribute Decor Grouping
This was not the best moment for the Enchanted rockabilly family party at school.
But there was no way to stop it.
Silence  was not coming, but Umami said she had to go cause her mom never missed the school events.
We all were dressed for the party, and looked soooo good!
Nerdy Girl for the ENCHANTED ROCKABILLY hunt 
Merida Rocakabilly Halter Dress
{NanTra} Cocaloca poses
Mmm...Kay! for the ENCHANTED ROCKABILLY hunt Rockabilly Anna
Siria's Fashion Room *Siria's Design* Street Sneakers Beige
Rockabilly Rapunzel
Sup Poses Say wha poses
Lovely fashion! And you should have seen Loulou... well, who could not notice she was there? :P

Brii Underground Wear for the ENCHANTED ROCKABILLY hunt

TAMELESS Hair Margie
This girl loves to show up and be the center of attention. Maybe it wouldnt have been such a bad idea if she had been Silence's model...
Oh oh here comes Umi's mom...
Sup Poses Icon Poses
And where was Umami? Oh wow...

This was so nice! Silence wasnt allowing her to be alone to face any problem!

And maybe her outfit wasnt the sexiest in the party, but dont you think she was the cutest?
Lutricias Luxuries for the ENCHANTED ROCKABILLY hunt
Minnie Mouse
Style Icon HEYDRA Colin Jacket Exclusive
The Thrift shop HEYDRA Jonas Pants
CURVES Zack skin

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