Monday, April 21, 2014

Dont cry, sis (featuring The Pose Fair 2014)

Dont cry, sister, please
THE POSE FAIR 2014 EmmePose Sister please don't cry
Denim skirt and shortie tank top
Poka shirt and shorts
I know you feel like you will never love again...
THE POSE FAIR 2014 EmmePose I've hanged my heart on wall - GIFT
But let me tell you something
THE POSE FAIR 2014VESTIGE Amelia pose set
The Spring Break Fair Loordes of London-Pesaro Tank
HEYDRA  Insomnia Pants
You are a sweet, pretty, lovely girl, and sooner than you think...
THE POSE FAIR 2014 VESTIGE Amias pose set
HEYDRA  Mythosis Simple Skin  and Dean Cargo Pants V16
You will  smile again, sis, dont cry. 
THE POSE FAIR 2014 //elephante poses// & .{yumyums}. My Sweet
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE - Amp'd (Midnight) Dont miss the 50% Sales!

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