Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lets go to the pier (Run!)

The boy in the frame 
Chapter 3- Lets go to the pier (Run!)
The boy's name was Wess. He didnt talk much since he left the frame. He seemed a bit confused, and for the first hours, he didnt want to leave the attic. I think he wanted to keep an eye on his frame.
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Yeah, he seemed confused, and when i am confused i like to take a hot shower and think about it. I offered him a shower and something to eat, and he accepted. I also  found some clean clothes my last bf (a starwars freak) forgot home, and after his shower he seemed to feel better.
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Then he told me his name was Wess, and was there for a reason. He had something to do in the morning, and he would be thankful if he could stay in my home for some hours till the moment arrived.
'Something to do?' , i said (like an idiot, I know) , and he answered, 'please trust me'.

The simple fact of getting out of a frame was so absurd, i didnt dare to ask how he did that. Maybe i was afraid of asking him what he was.
Cause he seemed human (and  quite a sexy one mm mm mmm), but humans dont live in frames.

Well, if you know me you know im not the kind of girl who likes to get white hair and wrinkles by thinking about misteries.
So, lets see.
What did i have?
A super handsome guy as a guest.
Time to cook a nice dinner for two :)

I spent some time deciding what to wear for the dinner. Casual or formal?
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oh, and of course the possibilities for the after-dinner(you know, alien or not, he was VERY handsome).
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Wooooot a night full of possibilities!!
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Finally i had to run before the supermarket closed, so i wore shirt and jeans, deciding to get nicely dressed when i was back.
I was about leaving when a big mess came from upstairs.
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Something was going on in the attic. 
Then Wess appeared running and took my hand.
'Lets go to the pier'
'Ran! NOW!'
If you know me, you know I dont like to argue with cute boys.
So, I ran.

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