Thursday, May 1, 2014

With your ex... its not cheating

I arrived early this afternoon after lunch. I was planning to surprise Tom with a ... romantic weekend!
THE PIER MARKET Storax Tree Vintage plant stands
Algonquin in Pink // Mesh Dress
Quiquina in Pink // Mesh High Heels
It had been an exhausting day. Tata Moneo didnt come to the photo session, and we had to cover her part. I had changed my clothing so many times i got dizzy, and my face was hurting of keeping my 'im a super model and i give a damn about you' smile.
::Designer Circle::. HOLLYHOOD  Mesh red Corsica Booties  and Mesh red Regina dress
 EYELURE Electro Lips 
Rainbows Custom Jewelry Ballroom pearls jewelry set
Mayfly Luminous mesh eyes Vivid blue
Sup Poses This is me
::Designer Circle::. [[ Masoom]] Charmed pants leo and Index top
EYELURE Electro Lips 
Rainbows Custom Jewelry Ballroom pearls jewelry set
THE POSE FAIR 2014 VESTIGE  Sophie pose set

It surprised me to hear the shower. Ugh, Tom had arrived too early, now i would have to tell him all about my plans cause i couldnt keep things secret with him there...
Yeah, he surprised me... More than you can imagine.
The Collage Serendipity Designs - Shabby LaLa Bath
OMG! Who was that b**ch?? But i should have known.
THE POSE FAIR 2014 VESTIGE Ariela pose set
Tata Moneo. His ex.
THE POSE FAIR 2014//elephante poses// Lay Me Down
EYELURE Electro Lips 
POMPOSITY Gothic belly chain
ARISE Curl Horns  and  Low jeans
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE- Luster Jacket and  Mesh Heathen Leg Warmers (Skulls)

When i met Tom, they were not together anymore. And i had had a good relationship with Tata, though we never were best friends.
THE POSE FAIR 2014 //elephante poses//  Who knew
ARISE Curl Horns 
EYELURE Electro Lips 
[ L3S ] Outfit and shoes

She had called sick in the morning... Now i knew what kind of fever she had.
HEYDRA Insomnia Pants Unisex Yanick Boots
BabyDoll Katie hair
In a second all our story was in front of my eyes. How we met in the train station, first kiss, first night together...
Loordes of London-Montpenier Peacoat-Black
THE PIER MARKET Vestige travel poses
THE PIER MARKET Vestige travel poses
Almost six wonderful months together
Juxtapose - Live Your Story Pose
Oasis {Dirty Camo Jacket Oasis
+HUHU+ Mesh Jeans
And now, see what i got.

He appeared at the door. At least he had put his jeans on. 'Im sorry', he said.
THE POSE FAIR 2014 VESTIGE  Amias pose set
He tried to hold me. 'Let me go', i whispered, and he said, 'she means nothing. She is just my ex'.
In~Stance "Let Me" pose
Oh I see, if you cheat on me but its with your ex, it doesnt count. 
Yeah, Im gone.
The Collage  Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Vintage* Painted Cabinet
THE PIER MARKET Vestige travel poses
Algonquin in Pink // Mesh Dress
Quiquina in Pink // Mesh High Heels
The Collage Thaino Designs Bramley set

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