Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Does he still love me?

::Designer Circle::.
 Sky - Wilda Shoes Tan 
Loordes of London-Gustafsson Retro
EMME pose Girly
*Tiffany Designs* Man shirt GIFT
+HUHU+ Casual pants
Tuty poses

Believe it or not, I didnt tell Umami and Ree anything about the kiss.

The holidays were perfect, and Rum and I acted as the usual friends, (of course he kept calling me 'love', as always).

BF has not written a single mail or text along the summer.
And its true he told me he was going to be in the jungle to do a research, about the petroleum and so on, but, ALL summer long?

He has not spent some time in a civilized village?
HEYDRA for Feebs Rascals Nyle TShirt
HEYDRA Andro cargo jeans
Tuty poses
I dont know if i believe he couldnt find a little bit of internet somewhere to let me know he was ok.
And  if he

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