Sunday, September 14, 2014

I wear his ring

SLC Mesh Tunic with Belt, Jeans and Boots blue Leafs
This story could began anywhere.
But it begins here.
She is waiting. She did nothing but wait, since she arrived, hours ago.
She will wait all night, cause she knows he will come. She can feel it.
Dirty Little Secret  Boyfriend shirt mesh (my fav ever!!!)
Dyer Maker poses
And dont try to mess with this girl, cause she wears his ring.
EYELURE  sweet blush, sweet freckles,  natural mesh lashes
[[ Masoom]] for the Fashion Week Silk rush Penumbera
Loordes of London for the Jewelry Fair-The 7th Letter earrings
Pomposity for The Thrift Shop Gemstone Flower Ring
DM poses 
Too big a bed... Its not made to sleep alone.
Spargel & Shine Antiques
Annie Antique pearl brass bed w/poses and props
But tomorrow he will be here! 

And then ... did she dream it?  Or is there someone out there?
Lets check!

Yay :)
Flash Friendly Poses - Nowhere Else
Image Essentials Subtle pose ser
Image Essentials for The Thrift Shop  Halloween top Gacha
Mesh Tunic with Belt, Jeans
and Boots blue Leafs

Image Essentials for The Thrift Shop 
Sashay pose set

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