Saturday, September 13, 2014

This is NOT possible

The pirate was super kind. He took Sexy with him (I think the devilish dog was so amazed at him as i was hahahaha) and i ran down stairs to help Ree with madame la concierge. But the lady didnt pay us the visit we expected and we were waiting for Rum and Silence to come back when Marlow arrived.
It  was him who opened the door when the pirate came to bring Sexy back.
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I told Marlow to invite him for a coffee or something, but the neighbour was in a hurry. And Marlow seemed a bit shocked.
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'Its everything ok?' I asked him, and he said, 'do you know who your neighbour is?'
'The pirate?' said Ree and Marlow looked at her so surprised that i began to laugh.
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'Do you know him? I mean, have you seen his movies?'
Ree and i exchanged a glance. 'What movies? Is he an actor?'
'Yeah... he is the pirate... the famous PORN actor'
'What?' I said in absolute shock. OMG, now we had a porn actor as neighbour, together with the bossy boy and Jerry the geek?
'Marlow you are nuts' , said Ree,

Silence appeared at the door. 'Marlow! You wont believe who i met going downstairs!'
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'See?!', and  Marlow  began laughing while Ree tried to kick him while asking him why was he so informed about the world of porn.

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