Saturday, October 11, 2014

He didnt kiss her!

Pose by Phoenix Please stop

Marlow arrived a bit before Sugar Suz left, but he couldnt do anything to calm the angry girls he found. Sugar Suz and Ree were arguing, and when Umami talked, was to argue with Sugar Suz too, and I just kept silent cause I felt too confused with Sugar Suz's story.
In spite of doing her best, Sugar Suz couldnt make Rum kiss her.
'See!' shouted Ree, ' he is not interested in her, but in YOU'
And both my friends told me I had to do SOMETHING.
'And if you dont, that girl will!', said Ree, super angry, and told us how things would be.
ARISE. for The Boho Culture Fair  Boho Jacket
 BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Skinny jeans- mesh
Image Essentials Cheer pose set
V-Spot Reformed Preppie Sweater 
+HUHU+ Jeans
fi*Friday Fashion House Vestige Male model set
Vestige poses Walking set
SHE:Image Essentials Cheer pose set
Vestige for The Instruments Autumn pose set
Sorgo pose Victim
'... and then', Ree said, ' that vampire- men eater will jump over him and suck his...'
Toxic High  Romy Dress Daddy's Girl With Texture Changer
TAMELESS Judy hair
Old pose from DenimAtions poses
... shouted Umi. 
Ree and I laughed so much we couldnt talk, while Marlow complained he suspected Ree's version could have been much more entertaining.

Woot, Rum didnt even kiss her! Wooot!

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