Saturday, October 11, 2014

What did really happen?

Umami and Ree arrived few later, and sat with us.
Sugar Suz told us how she flirted Rum, decided to take things one step further.
'What? How far do you mean?', asked Ree.
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Ree cant help it, but she doesnt like Sugar Suz much cause she is Loulou's best friend. And Im afraid is mutual. And also, Ree is not happy about this story cause she says Rum is interested in me, and I should fight for it.
So Sugar Suz didnt like her question, and answered 'as far as I feel like going, and thats not your business, is it?', and Ree said she was just wondering if she was so desperate to pull him to her bed.

Nice! But Umami tried to calm things down, and asked her , 'ok, but finally what  did really happen?'

Say Nothing Joanna Beth mesh shoes

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