Sunday, November 2, 2014

This couldnt wait

Fresh Style Sup Poses Autumnal love
Did i tell you i stayed alone when my friends left to the party? I was not, Sexy was with me.
The hellish doggy sat in front of me and looked at me without blinking. Dinner time.
I went for her Oh-oh-oh-special food (the only one she eats) ... and we had forgotten to buy it.
So i had to run to the little supermarket to get some.
It was so lonely out there. All the campus was at the party. The rain had stopped but i could hear thunders on the distance... (scary, I know).
Dirty Little Secret  :: Fall Leaves Wellies ::
B!ASTA LGL At the Coffee Bar

Xen's Hats Checotah black&white mesh
Fresh Style Sup Poses Autumnal love
(to be continued)

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