Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time on my hands

StoraxTree Furniture 55L thursday
The girls found this amazing clock-table for our little hall.
Time... Thats what i have in this  Halloween night. The girls couldnt do anything to make me leave the flat and join the campus party.
I was terribly depressed after my conversation with Bf. And I still had to tell mom, and I was sure she would be scandalized, she loves Bf so much, and he has been part of the family for such a long time.
It was raining most of the day, but the party was at the gym.
M-NUS at Nice to Be  - Latex Stockings w/ap
Sad November ARISE. Nov Sweater
Rasch Creations - Hipster Glasses
DM poses
Silence and Rum finally were not coming, and Umi was sad but she and Ree tried her best to cheer
Sad November V-Spot Seattle Sweater
OPOPOP  Enme mesh jeans
Tuty poses
me up.

No way. I didnt want to be happy. I wanted to stay home and cry.
Marlow said they all would stay and have a private party, yeah, no problem, HE and all the girls!
So sweet... but i finally convinced them and they left.

M-NUS Shirt dress
Image Essentials Wall to wall pose set
And here I am, in this  rainy halloween night, feeling very rainy myself too.

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