Friday, December 26, 2014

I will always remember when

So Rum was at my door, smiling and saying merry Xmas, and something about his family being ready to have a wrestling Xmas, ... I couldnt pay  attention to his story. Oh my, I was feeling  so good. No, I was feeling great, like drinking something hot when its very cold.  I had already noticed that Rum had something that made people  around him feel relaxed, and to me, more than relax was an absurd feeling of happiness.

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Then mom's voice at my back said, 'Hun, who's there, close the door, its getting cold!'. And then she saw Rum.

'Merry Xmas!', Rum said, and mom looked at him with her most unfriendly smile and said, 'Merry Xmas,... Morris, or should I said, Mr. Van der Kerk?'

Rum looked at her in silence. I felt my face burn. 
But mom kept talking. She was so angry that she was scary.
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'Yes, I know who you are, And i know what you ve done to some girls. I dont like you, and  I beg you to go back to your home and keep as far as possible from MY home and MY daughter'.

'Mom, what are you saying? Stop it!'

'Its ok, DD. I... Im sorry, I dont know what you mean, ma'am, but Im sorry if i did something to disturb you, and...'

'Nice. Now leave MY home and stay away from here... and from MY family'.

I couldnt believe it. Rum, tried to say something but mom shouted, 'GO! NOW!'

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And to make things even worse... BF appeared at her back and asked if everything was ok.
Rum looked at BF, and i didnt doubt he recognized him from some pics i had at the flat, before we broke up.  He said , 'ok, no worries', and walked away.

OMG. I turned to mom, if she was angry, I was furious.
'Mom, you are a monster! How could you do something like that?'
I ran after him, calling him, but he didnt stop till i reached him and forced him to.
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'Rum, Im so sorry...'
'No, no, dont apologize, I just ... I didnt know you were back with... him. Its ok, really'.
He  talked fast and low voice, and when he smiled the saddest smile ive ever seen, i felt like crying.
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'Rum, listen, please believe me, BF and i are not together, my mom invited him. I know its difficult to believe, but it was her idea'
'Your mom invited him?'
' I know, sounds idiotic, but, please, believ...'
'I do. I believe you. My mother invited my ex, too'.
'What? You kidding me?'
He began laughing, and i laughed too, Oh wow, could it be possible? Wow. Then I saw BF coming.

He said hello to Rum, and asked me to come back home, mom was very nervous. I turned to Rum, he noded, and I followed BF. 

I walked , thinking  how i would feel if the princess appeared and took Rum with her, while i stayed in the snow.
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No. No way.
I said BF to go home, i would follow him in a second, and ran after Rum.
'Rum!' He stopped and turned to me with his shining smile, 
'Love?', he said,
'Wait, please. I go home, check on mom, get my coat and im back'.
'Wow... But, no, DD, i dont want you to have a problem ,,, Its ok, really, its Xmas eve, stay with them, Ill see you tomorrow'.
'Xmas eve... what about you? You should be with your family too, why are you here?'
He bit his lip, tried a smile, and was about shrugging. But then he seemed to think it twice, and touching my face, he said shyly, in the sweetest voice, 'Cause all i wanted for Xmas was you'
And I, absolutely, completely, and forever, fell in love with him.
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