Thursday, December 25, 2014

Almost Xmas eve

I was afraid that we were going to have a  difficult lunch. Mom and I had a big argument earlier, when she told me she had invited BF. Granny didnt help when she said she absolutely loved BF and was sure that we were going to make up.
In the middle of the storm, Silence, End and ZsiZsi arrived from visiting Santa at the Mall, and my little sister's excitement distracted us.
V-Spot The" man's man" sweater and skinny jeans
Moose Clothing Nisha Shirt
+HUHU+  Skinny jeans
fi*Friday Fashion House Vestige poses  Harris and Liss pose sets
Then the door bell rang and BF was there, with a bottle of good wine, smiling and saying merry Xmas to everybody, kissing mom, granny and me (as if everything was perfect between us) , and I decided to relax a bit. He would be there for few hours and then End was taking him to the airport.

The lunch was nice, and after dessert, i offered to prepare the coffees. I just got up when the doorbell rang, so I went to see ...who could it be? At this time and this day... weird.
Moose Clothing Nisha Shirt
+HUHU+  Skinny jeans
Marukin Pose

+HUHU+  City jeans
V-Spot  Seattle Sweater and scarf
RACK pose

Oh wow... what a surprise! Rum was at the door, with his amazing smile and hidding something at his back. A gift? For me? Woot!

'Hey love, merry Xmas'
'What are you doing here? I mean, today is Xmas eve, shouldnt you be home? I thought you were back tomorrow'.

And then, suddenly, everything went wrong.
(To be continued)

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