Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mom, please dont

Santa is coming, and this year is so special, cause ZsiZsi makes us feel everything as new and more magic.
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Marukin Pose
My favorite Xmas place in SL, check it!

Granny is spending Xmas with us. Im so happy  I cried when she arrived.
But then mom told me, BF was coming for lunch too, before he was leaving later in the afternoon to join his mom for Xmas eve.

Vestige for CarnEvil The Death Day
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EYELURE Classic Skirt
I am soooooooooooooo angry at her. Why cant she let it be? She thinks im wrong and i have to come back with him.

But things have changed. It was me who broke up, but i still feel hurt by his attitude. We have not talked since then, and I think we need a bit of time.

And if mom stops acting like an idiot, Im sure BF and I will be able to be ... good friends.

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