Saturday, January 24, 2015

I said slept

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Awwww girls, saturday morning I felt like a coke can that has been shaken and is ready to explode! Soooooooo in love!

Rum had gone to buy special breakfast and took devislish Sexy with him.

I was in the kitchen setting the table when Umi appeared.
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'Morning Umi, coffee?'
'Hi DD, yes please'.
She took her coffee, take a sip and said, 'Silence says he got up last night and Rum was not in the livingroom... sorry sorry but I HAVE TO ASK!'
 'Umami, I promise, if there was more to tell I would', I laughed at her funny skeptical face, 'but the only news are that he told me he loved me and i told him i loved him too'.
'Woot, thats a lot, isnt it?', she smiled and looked so happy that i felt like hugging her.
'I think so!'
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Silence was at the door.

'Morning, isnt this too quiet? Where is Sexy?'
' Good morning, Silence. Rum took her to the supermarket'.
'God bless him'.
'Coffee, hunnie?'
'Yeah, ty sweety'.

He grabbed his coffee, and sounding casual, he said...

 Tea.S pose
Furniture pose

I asked him to not play the big bro with me, but he said mom had asked him to help her keeping me away from Rum.
I was astonished at the news, but he shrugged and said, as I could see, he was not doing anything about it, but 'please dont let your mom know you are sleeping with him'
'Sleep means sleep!', I moaned, and then we heard the flat door open and Ree appeared, carrying lots of bags.

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'Hi guys, we have to do something about that dog. She keeps climbing the stairs to go visiting Jerry. She bit Rum when he tried to stop her, and now Marlow and him are fighting with her to bring her back here... and she is winning'.
'And all those bags?', asked Umami.
'Rum went shopping... The boy looks super happy, seemed to have had a great night'.
Furniture pose
Rum and Marlow slammed the flat's door. They were laughing so much they made us smile.
'What happened?'
'Jerry appeared and Sexy absolutely melted. I think she has a crush on him', said Marlow.
'Yeah, but the thing is he seems to love her too!', added Rum.
They mimicked the scene making us laugh to tears.
'And now we eat, this boy got nuts and bought all the pastry shop. He seems to celebrate something'
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I love them all to pieces :)

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