Friday, January 23, 2015

Too happy to sleep

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Next morning(few hours later) Rum woke me up with a kiss. He was dressed, and his hair was wet from the shower.
'What time is it?', I asked alarmed.
'Few minutes past eight'.
'Oh my! Why do you get up so early?'
'I dont sleep much. I will go to buy you a great breakfast and take the monster out for her walk'.
'Ohhhh you are an angel', I yawned, and he smiled bending over and kissing me.
'And you are soooooooooooo beautiful ...I better go now'.

But I couldnt sleep any longer. He had put Rum the pirate, the funny rabbit i named after him, next to me, and I turned to hug it. Then i discovered there was something tied to his neck,
 The Unique Mini Fair  B'Leaf - Bracelet Anchor Love

A leather bracelet with an anchor (the pirate) and the word Love (me!).
And I felt too happy to sleep any longer :)
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