Thursday, February 12, 2015

I found a gift for HIM

Girls, if i say Im in love , I lie. Im CRAZY in love. Totally. Completely. 
Feeb's Rascals St.   Something New ~ loVe 1pose
ROOM69  MANIK QUEEN - Love da Jammies - Room 69 Exclusive
My friends say I cant hide it. They say I look sooooooo good they would hate me if they didnt love me so much :)
Color Me Project
Icons Of Style Marylin Poses
Eyelure Boxy Crop  Red 4 Hearts
EYELURE Zip Skirt BlackLeather and Shades  White WHATEVER
The Thrift shop  Barely Legal Couture - LUSH Boot Heels (Spiked)
Fresh Style
{Q-Essentials} Ready to Venture wall picture
Xen's HatsValentine headband 
And you know what? I am super excited cause i have found a great gift for Rum. 
Feeb's Rascals St.  
 Marina Set
HEYDRA Giana dress
* Inkheart *  Charming Eyes - Silence
Tchelo's - (and MP) Lingerie Satin & Lace bra and Jewelry Earrings Heart 

He loves everything about the universe, the stars, the planets. What do you think about ...
Feeb's Rascals St.  
 Marina Set
Color Me Project StormCrow Design's  *Dress with Belt* and  *High Heels with Toe Ring*
Construct Glitter Wall Cloth - universe 
I have the feeling he is going to be really surprised and the hope he will really like it. (Though he is sooo nice he for sure will say he does).
Oh, and Im looking for the perfect dress.. still not decided, but i have seen amazing ones!
Feeb's Rascals St.  A Piece Of Chic Victoria pink dress - Zaza black dress
Vestige poses Duality poses
Yes, Im taking a lot of care, all the details under control!
Feeb's Rascals St.
!Dark Horse Style Nails Vintage floral
But his gift is not the only surprise for our first Valentine's.
 Umami and Ree are leaving on friday afternoon, and I will have all the flat for me this weekend. 
For me ... and Rum.

Feeb's Rascals St.  
 Marina Set
HEYDRA Giana dress
.:KC:. HALEN for Slink High & Belleza Venus
* Inkheart *  Charming Eyes - Silence
Tchelo's - (and MP) Lingerie Satin & Lace bra  and Jewelry Earrings Heart
EYELURE Clear Lipgloss  and   Natural Mesh Lash 
So i have planned to decorate all the house with Valentine's stuff, beginning for my bedroom, of course. And i will cook a great dinner for us, and then...
we will see what else St Valentine brings , dont you think so?
 Love da Jammies - Room 69 Exclusive
Fashion Instruments Vestige poses Astrea

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