Friday, February 13, 2015

Sexy in love

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Jerry discovered Sexy's secret the other day.
Our unfriendly dog runs upstairs to his flat each time she has the chance. Jerry takes care of her when we are out, so we thought  she was trying to say she likes him more than she likes us.
And for sure she does, but Jerry told us something else.
Sexy is in love with Stephen, Jerry's anteater.
Jerry studies to be a veterinary, and he specialized in animal behaviour. He is a sort of... psychiatrist for animals, and his flat is like a nervous break clinic for all kind of crazy beasts.
All the animals in his flat suffer from one disorder or another.
ROOM69 KlubWerK.him --Shirt/DOPE and Jeans Brian
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Stephen has compulsive eating disorder. He eats ants, of course. And butterflies. And fleas. And all kind of salads.  And hamburgers. And hotdogs. And steaks. And shoes. And wool sweaters. And tableclothes, and EVERYTHING he catches when he is not strictely controlled.
Second problem is when he eats compulsively, he inmediately has a horrible diarrhoea that makes Jerry 's flat stink.
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But Sexy has fallen for him.
When Marlow knew, he said we had to sterilize Sexy, Stephen or both.
'If she bites everybody and he eats everything and they mate ... and for a chance they had... what? dog-anteaters?, they would bite humans and eat them. Worse than Gremlins!'
OMG. But they cant... can they?
HEYDRA Gentleman Shoes
David slink formal sneaker

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