Thursday, March 5, 2015

And he is also a good lover

The girls were amazed when i told them where I went to celebrate St Valentines, and they keep joking about it. Ree is very happy for me, but cant help teasing :)
Rams Wear- Kadesh outfit
Furniture pose

My news about Rum were shocking.
We all knew his family is rich, but I admit that having aprivate plane to use it at will is a bit too much.

Specially when we used it to go to his private island :)

::Designer Circle::. Eternal Dream Tallulah poses
::Designer Circle::.
Eternal Dream Tallulah poses
Eyelure Top and leggins
Yeah, my weekend was amazing in all senses... but let me tell you about Ree and Marlow's. These guys are always too funny!
(More later)
::Designer Circle::.
Eternal Dream Tallulah poses
Baubles! Wild&Chic Box
Rams Wear- Kadesh outfit

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