Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beware of his mom

When we entered the hall,  big as a hotel's lounge, there was no one there.
Rum winked at me and shouted, 'Hello, everybody!'

She appeared from a room on the right. Wow. She was very beautiful and so elegant! But she was not in the best mood.
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'Where have you been? We were waiting for you, dinner was delayed and you know how your dad hates it'.
'Hello mom, its so nice to be home!'
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Oh my. Rum had told me about his not so good relation with his mother, but it was shocking anyway. And obviously, she didnt mind the guests (me) to argue with her younger son.
'DD, this is my mom, Angela. Mom, meet DD. my girlfriend'.
Has someone made you ever  feel like a cochcroak? And were they able to do it just by looking at you? Well, Angela had that ability.
'Nice to meet you', I said with my best smile. 'Nice to meet you, DD'.
Really? She didnt move, no shaking hands, and of course no welcome hugs or kisses.
She asked (always talking to her son, never looking at me), if we had had dinner (thank God we had), and then the situation got absolutely crazy, when she asked if we, and I will exactly repeat her words,
were having sex, cause she was not going to tolerate that in her home. I would have a room at the opposite wing of Rum's.
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'No, we are not' I heard Rum said with his mocking serious voice, 'but yes, please, keep DD as far as possible cause I lust her so much Im not sure I can control myself knowing she is around'.
'Rum!', I whispered with horror.
'Rum?', mom repeated with a reproving frown.
I was frozen. Oh damn. Was Rum 'Morris 'when he was home? But my boyfriend was smiling with his innocent look, saying, 'what, love?'
Mom asked me to follow her, and stopped Rum when he came after us.
'Someone will take DD's bag, you go to your room and please, behave, I had enough with the Christmas... situation'. (The what?)
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She rang a bell and a guy appeared. When he saw Rum, he smiled and almost ran to him, but mom's eyes stopped him. Rum seemed delighted to see him too. 'Buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!', he shouted, and jumped to hug him.
Mom was furious. She ordered the guy to take my bag and follow us.
'You are always the same', she said to her son.
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I walked with them through a laberynth of corridors. The weekend had begun.
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