Friday, April 17, 2015

My marriage doesnt work (lets talk)

Chrono, the new art director of the studio is so nice...
Color Me Project Sky - Dukies Girl Silver  outfit and shoes
Vestige poses Little PhotoStudio Gacha
We had our first work session yesterday. He was very professional, caring for every detail.
PaulPolo Why are you rude outfit
Vestige poses Little PhotoStudio Gacha
We had so much complicity, and, in spite of the hard work,  it was such a great afternoon....
1. Toxic High Spellbound Ave Dress Love Me
2.EYELURE Campus Sweats  Almost White - Tank over Bikini Top 
Tuty poses 
And he was so sweet... He came to the dressing room to tell me he had loved working with me. And oh my, he caught me in one of my down moments...
Candy Cloud Neon Yellow Bra and Panty
I felt so good with him, that Isuddenly found myself telling him all  about my problems with Chiron.
Savoir Faire - (SFS) - Dressing Room Prop
Oh, im so depressed about all this story with Chiron, and I was like almost crying, so we went for a drink and talked and talked...
And... yeah,  talked.
100 Block Fashion Fair Image Essentials - Loving Sensuality

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