Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The way love is meant to be

The room was better than I expected, but I really didnt care.
Rum went out to smoke a cigarette, and I went to bed.

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After I told him about my conversation with his mom, he said 'Im sorry, DD', and kept silent.
It worried me cause he was not like that. We had always talked about things that worried him, or me, or both. So i thought he was really angry at me, and I felt guilty of not being smart enough to make her mom like me.
When he came back, and laid by my side, I felt him as far as the moon. I had never been sadder in all my life.
'Dont cry', I told myself, but the tears wet my pillow. I thought, 'tomorrow I will meet the girls, they will help me to fix this'.
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'They will tell me what to do, how to ask him to please forgive me and give me another chance'.
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And suddenly I heard Rum said, low but clear, 'I know you are very angry at me. There is no excuse for what happened, but please, dont leave me'.
I was so surprised that for some seconds I was paralyzed. Then he said, 'I cant lose you, DD. I love you. I love you the way I believe love is meant to be'. 
He sounded so sad! I turned to him. He covered his face with his arm, and I pushed it, bending over him. Oh my, he looked truly scared and sad, so young, almost as the little boy he used to be, not so long ago.
I melted.
'Rum! I thought you wanted to leave me! Oh my, I was so sad...'
'Me? Why would I want to leave you?'
'Cause your mom doesnt like me'.
'Are you serious? You know I dont give a f**k about that!', he said, so surprised, and I giggled.
'Neither do I',and I kissed him, but he pushed me to look me in the eyes.
'DD... all i want is to protect you and make you happy, and see what I did, allowing this to happen. I will never forgive myself, and never forgive her'.
'Shhh. Moms are moms' , I whispered, thinking, 'and yours is the biggest bitch ever'.
But who cared.
Sorry Angela, if you think Im not the best girlfriend for your son, cause... He loves ME.
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