Sunday, July 26, 2015

Carwash 'R US

The Underwater theme resort looked amazing when we checked in the internet. But also, too expensive.
Silence and Marlow said they would get the money. Marlow would take some more turns at the cafe where he works, Silence would accept one of those modeling jobs that he hates.
'Girls, we have to do something too', Ree proposed, 'there has to be something we can do to help with the money'.
She went to the village while Umi and I kept searching the ads. And a couple of hours later she was on the phone, super excited, asking us to meet her there.
'Bring the bikinis!', she said. So we ran (in the hope it was something HONEST hahahahahaha).
And, well, in fact it was :)
Ree had convinced the garage owner to let us wash some cars for the tips.
Image Essentials Carwash GACHA from AUGUST 1st in store!
'Wear those bikinis, girls, we are going to rooock this garage!'

Girls, you wont even imagine how many tips we got!Cause, honestly, who could resist such a team? :)
EYELURE Bikinis w/ap and heart sneakers

Image Essentials Playmate poses

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