Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yeah, I want to meet him too

To: Loulou
From: SSuz
Hun, so sorry to hear about your divorce! No worries, I wont tell the guys, you will do it when you think its the time to do it. On the other hand, I agree, a trip is what you need, and Paris sounds a great place to go.
Remember I told you about Jerry, the girls' neighbour? Oh my, we are together now, and, girl, hope it lasts forever cause he is soooooo awesome! He is not only clever (he studies to be a veterinary), but sweet, caring,... I love his style, he can make shirts look fancy, cause he is so handsome and sooo sexy, with his long hair, his beard and his tatoos!
:CARELESS DECISIONS: Tangerine . Floral blouse
:ALL YOU NEED: Antique washed . Boyfriend jeans
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And, he says he is the richest man on Earth cause he has me, and calls me his goddess and his panther queen... What do you think, uh? Isnt he lovely? I am living in a dream!I cant wait for you to meet him. 
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Lots of kisses

Sugar Suz

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