Saturday, September 5, 2015

I dont feel very social

DS'ELLES Dress  PARIS chic
SL VOGUE Loordes of London-Winklepickers shoes 
Icons Of Style Amy poses
Oh my, what a horrible trip, and i have had to hide from all those paparazzi at the airport...
Oh Loulou, so good to see you, come in, hun!
Tuty poses
Ty, ty, so good to see you too Suzie. And thanks to you and your boyfriend for having me here... Is he home?Im sorry but i really dont feel very ... social right now.
FEARSUM Overalls w/shirt for the BLBH3 Hunt*
Grumble-Bitch Bubble-Back in 5 for the BLBH3 Hunt*
Marukin Pose

No worries, he is at the library, he will be back late. Oh, Loulou, love your dress!
You look awesome, Im glad to see all this mess has not affected your wonderful looks.

You think? Well, this sh*t is killing me, I swear. Nice flat... very... colorful..

Petite Plunder Evil Bunny Bookcase  for the BLBH3 Hunt*
The Artist Shed Artwork for the BLBH3 Hunt*
the bears are an Arcade gacha gift
Ty! Its very messy... Jerry and his pets, ... you know... But come, Ill show you your bedroom.
OMG! There is ... what the hell is that on your shoulder????
Oh,  its Loki, Jerry's racoon, he is a sweety, dont worry.
Marukin Pose
But... I thought Jerry's pet were cats or dogs!
Oh cats, dogs, crows, pidgeons, racoons, the anteater... this is a mini zoo.
But follow me, hunnie, and tell me, how is the divorce going?
(to be continued)

 Loordes of London-Winklepickers shoes

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