Saturday, September 5, 2015

The lord of the beasts is home

Lubbly Jubblies  1 Hundred. Simple Sleepwear
Oh, ok, sweetie, Im finishing some homework for tomorrow, but if you are going to be late, i better go to bed... Yeah, see you there in a bit ;) .... Love you to bits, hurry up! Smooooooch
The 'stuff sales room preview HEYDRA Frederyk Jacket  (opens on sept 6th)
HEYDRA Priesley Jeans and  Gentleman shoes
Vestige poses Male walk poses
I am dying for a shower... Cant wait for that blessed moment of slipping under the hot water... mmmmm
For all the... Yeah, guys I love you too, but a man needs some privacy... Stephen, wait outside! OUTSIDE! 
Nerdgasm - and MP Straight Outta Mesozoic Classic tshirt male
Perimeter Jeans
=Fashiowl Poses= 
And now, very slowly and very quietly, we go to the kennels and we say goodnight... Shhh Will, stop the uh-uh, you will wake my queen up!
Carries Lingerie Gracie outfit for the BLBH3
Vestige poses Sit poses
Whats that noise? This building is such a crap, I hope it wont fall on my head! But... what the hell is that? Sounds like a parade on the corridor... OMG I hope its not a haunted house!
1-2 Vestige poses Celina poses
Image Essentials Let me explain
4-5 Vestige poses  Vintage poses
Lubbly Jubblies  1 Hundred. Simple Sleepwear
Vestige poses Celina poses
(Jerry, sweetie, everything ok?)
(Erm... I think so)
(Take the kids to their beds and hurry here... or do I need to purr?) :) 
(Mmmmmmm In a rush!)

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