Friday, October 30, 2015

Escaping through the mirror

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I didnt want to go to the house so late, but when Mick disappeared for a while, Rex appeared when I was at the door, and had to have a coffee with him before he got a call from the station and had to run.

At the house, Eliza was playing with paper birds. She smiled and asked me to help her making some more. Apart from her weird but nice look, she acted like a sweet teen.

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While we worked together, I asked her about the gunner.
Eliza said he was bad and hurt everybody.
But it was possible to escape through the mirrors jumping to 'the circus' (what?), and staying there till the gunner left. He couldnt follow her,  and he was killing people to make their ghosts help him through the mirror, but the ghosts always escaped.
I suddenly saw a girl on the couch, in front of us. There was blood everywhere. The girl got up and went to a big mirror.

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 :UPTOWN: Heels

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From there, she looked at me and I recognized her. Corine, the one they found dead next day I arrived.
Eliza was showing her to me somehow, and the atmosphere of the vision was terrifying. Even being dead, I could feel the girl was in danger.

'They never come back, they stayed at the circus', Eliza told me, when I asked her where Corine was.
'And why do you come back?'
 Eliza was in the house waiting for her sister. She wouldnt leave till her sister arrived. I knew she was telling me her reason to keep tied to life, and it was my chance to free her,  but suddenly, I heard the door slam. Heavy steps on the floor, as heavy as a small earthquake . Eliza got even paler.
Image Essentials Accessorice pose
And suddenly Mick was there too.
'Mame, run, the gunner is here!'
Run where??
'The mirror! Quick!' , Eliza whispered. There was a big mirror next room. Easily like that, she ran to it and disappeared. Mick's zombie shape went through the mirror too.
I touched the surface. Damn. Solid.
Mick and Eliza reappeared.
'Hurry!', she said .
'I cant. Mick, it doesnt work for me'.
The air around us got thick and stinky, The gunner was next door.
Mick changed into his plasma shape. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a

horribly cold jelly that seemed to hug me, stopping me from breathing. I wanted to tell him he was suffocating me. But then I felt my feet leave the ground.
And I went through the mirror.
(to be continued)

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