Saturday, October 31, 2015

The other side of the mirror

So Mick had managed to make me go through the window with him and the ghost girl.
Now I was in a white room.
In front of me, backwards, a naked man.
Damn. I stepped back, but the mirror stopped me.
In the calmer and lower tone I felt able to use I called my ghost friend, where the hell did he go?
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No. He was not in his zombie or his plasma shape. He looked damn (good) human. I dont know who of us was more shocked.
What was happening.  Suddenly i felt terrified. What about me?
  'Mick, do I look 'normal'?
He looked at me.
 'No', and my heart skipped a beat, omg, was I looking like a zombie now? Then he added, 'you look the same as always, you never look just normal'.

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ODDITY Pants -Jean- Denim StoneWashed
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 I was about kicking his naked butt, when I noticed he was not flirting. He was too busy checking his skin.
'Mame, I feel it. My body. Its cold in here. And it smells like smoke. I can smell. Wow. What is happening?'
I had no idea, but first things first, we needed to find something for him to wear.
The room had an only door, that suddenly opened.

'I rushed to get you some clothes, I didnt know if they were going to do it through the mirror, mine usually dont', she said with a smile.
'Eliza?' I muttered.
'Yeah, its me. Oh Mick, and you need clothes too I thought the zombie shape would keep his...'
We followed her to a locker room. We were on a kind of basement, or tunnel underground.
The lockers were full of all kind of clothes.
We let Mick on his own, and waited outside, and I asked Eliza,

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And she looked at me, surprised at my ignorance.
(to be continued)

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