Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I was distracted (thinking of you)

::Designer Circle::.::JK Style:: Ardyn - Black, Jessee Mini Jean Skirt and Nikita Boots
Imeka poses
'I know I have to stop wondering if he will be back for Christmas, but I cant help it...
Where did you go, doggie?
SAY CUTE OPOPOP // Daviken  // Mesh Coat
OPOPOP Emme jeans, Hadron  Mesh Goggles, Vesper boots
Vestige Creations Chasing a star poses
' Are you calling me, Umi? I am flattered :) '
'Oh, hi Indigo, would you mind helping me finding my dog?'
'Sure, what kind of dog is it?'
'A chihuahua... Her name is Sexy. Oh please, I have to find her, cant be far from here!'
Vestige Creations Calix poses
'Hey Umi, does your dog look like a snowflake with a pink ribbon?'
'Yes! Oh there she is! Thank you so much!'
'You are welcome... (how can she worry for this ugly thing? Dont look at me like this, you freak, try to bit me and I kick you even if your cute owner gets mad at me).
Vestige Creations Male walk
'Are you in a hurry? May I invite you to have a hot choc?'
'Thank you very much, Indigo, but...'
'C'mon, just to get warm, and then we walk back home, and I promise I will look after your dog'.
'She doesnt like me'.
'She doesnt like anybody but Jerry. She is in love with Jerry's anteater'.
'Really? Lets have that choc, I wanna hear all about Sexy's romantic life, sounds fascinating'.
'But we hurry back'.

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