Friday, December 25, 2015

I wish you a very very happy Xmas

We are back home for Xmas. 
SLC Mesh Super Hot Christmas Outfit
Icons Of Style Champagne poses
StoraxTree Furniture
Marlow and Rum went for our Xmas tree, cause End had lots of work to do.
Come Soon poses
Ree and I decided that it was better for Umi to stay at Ree's, cause mom and End doesnt know what has happened, and they are all the time talking about Silence, and also ZsiZsi, who is desolated since our big 'bro' left.
Plowwies Happy Floppy Feet jammies 
  Aerial poses
SAY CUTE OPOPOP // Daviken coat
OPOPOP Enme mesh jeans and Vesper boots
  PNP poses 
On the other hand, Rum didnt go home, and mom invited him to spend Xmas eve with us.
 I was shocked! I told mom this was best Xmas ever and covered her on kisses.
OLD TOWN: Turtleneck sweater
:MIDDLE OF NOWHERE:  Wool capri pants
 OPOPOP // Amba in Green // Mesh Sneakers
Furniture pose

Rum couldnt believe it when I asked him to join us. We had planned to meet after dinner, and he was so happy he almost made me cry.

I just wish Silence was back... but will that be good for Umi?

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