Saturday, November 19, 2016

Posh girls dont lie

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And the week went on, and suddenly we had something to celebrate, our 'first week anniversary'. Yago booked a little cabin in a resort, not far from the city. 'Nothing to do with the place we met, do you mind it?', he said.  How could I. Being with him was all I wanted, and his wanting to celebrate our meeting made me super happy.

We stopped to have lunch on the road, a big Grill called The Movie, famous for its huge burgers.

He went to queue and I sat at a table.
I inmediately noticed the three posh girlies, looking at me and chatting, laughing, and looking at me again.
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Genesis lab girls

I decided to ignore them, but suddenly, I had one of them standing by my table.
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'How are you doing?'
I answered 'fine' and didnt ask 'and you', but she didnt seem to mind.
'So, are you having fun?'
'Not at the moment', I said , and she giggled.
'I mean, with the boss'.
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For a second I was paralyzed. They were laughing at me. Somehow they knew the boss never appeared, and this girl was mocking me.  That was why they were laughing and chatting.

Then she said, 'I suppose you are joining the House of Favorites, right?'
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'Maybe', I said with a neutral tone.
'Well, hun, you are breaking all the records. None had seen him for a week, he's never been out for so many days. Congrats. And welcome to the group. My name is Swan, and you are...'
She sounded false and mean, and I was about saying 'my name is FU' when Yago appeared carrying a tray, and Swan's smile widened. 'Hi there, nice to see you, we all were beginning to worry, boss'.
What the... And suddenly I understood.
The boss DID come to our date.

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