Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tonight you sleep on the couch

The trip to the cabin was rather silent. Yago began neutral conversations, but my hums and ahas made him stop after some tries.
Icons Of Style Flower grass and floor spots
Construct  Fairy lights strings, benchs and campfire
Twe12ve sass buildz [the cottage]
At the Grill, he sat at the table and we ate the burgers, after exchanging few words with 'the favorites'. I had a big knot in my stomach, but I forced myself to act natural, cause I wanted to shout and throw my dish to his head but never in front of those girls.
AsHmOoT Low waist jeans and leather jacket
Twe12ve Lushish Poses - Hey Buddy (m)
When we arrived, a big dog came to welcome us. Yago almost screamed in delight and he seemed to forget all the troubles in the world.  Then I exploded like a nuclear bomb. 
Hashtag Events  Awear Padded Jacket  and gift jeans w/boots 
 Kirin Poses  
He heard me in silence, smiling when he wanted to talk and I shouted 'shut up, I dont mind what your excuse is!'.
Myth -
Grandfather Clock
It took a while till I said all I wanted to say, but when I stopped the house was suddenly very quiet. For a bit the only sound was the tic-tac of the clock at my back and the panting of the big dog.

Once my wrath was gone, I felt sad enough to cry . I swore to myself I was not going to cry for him. And never in front of him.

'Is there a bedroom I can use upstairs?' , I said.
'There is only one bedroom, and yes, its upstairs', he said softly.
'Nice. Then you sleep down here on the couch. Night'.
Twe12ve Myth - Grandfather Clock
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And I climbed the stairs with my bag , my dignity and my broken heart.

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