Monday, June 27, 2011

Sun sun & sun

ahhhhhh so hot, but here on the beach seems a bit less bad :)

Laying here, sunbathing, everybody was silent while Doc was talking about the sun (and you know how she talks about these things...ugh)

and suddenly Kitty asked what each of us think the sun looks like. 

To me is a fried egg... im feeling hungry said  Lil' making us laugh
'I can imagine it as a sexy god.... really hooooooot '- MOna of course. 'Oh what about those hellium balloons, i loved them when i was a little girl!' said BigBoobsBetty.

'But  i always think of sunflowers when i see it , what about that' , proposed Kitty,

but Doc said to her was definitively a star (period !!)
and you know what  ... to me its a @ cause Bf is out for somedays and im always waiting for his messages :))  :))

A bunch of bikinis collected from freebies and  some from CD.... and a beautiful beach at
Sayawan Paradise & Beach Club