THE BARRIO-51 (Blog novel)

 When the last pandemic ended, it was clear the approach had to change. A new model of vaccine was needed, a vaccine able to create a quick modulate answer to any mutation of the virus. 

It was a matter of moving from continuous shots to THE SHOT. From the vaccines to THE VACCINE. 

The search of the mother of all vaccines, this FUV  (F*ck You Virus) vaccine, reunited the main pharmaceuticals. After this new genetically programmed shot, no more vaccines would be needed. It would made the human defenses get on guard as soon as any known or unknown virus penetrate the body. 
It was the end of the viral diseases and for the first time in human history, pharmaceuticals worked together in one common product with shared benefits big enough to replace the selling of the soon to be obsolete rest of vaccines.

And everybody agreed about trying the vaccine at the Colony-51, aka The Barrio, the place where convicted had been sent for the last ten years.

So clinical trials began. It was very controversial if the ethics of the research was preserved, but for five years different trials were conducted to result in a successful, definitive vaccine.

It was claimed as an absolutely safe vaccine, and in fact, it was, because all the side effects seen in the volunteers had been corrected and prevented. 

The governments recommended not to comment on the mutations appeared on the Colony-51 volunteers. It could scare the population, and prevent people from getting a safe and only shot full of amazing advantages.

 And, anyway, the mutants would never be seen. The immediate new law made it clear, once you became a resident of The Barrio, you would stay there forever.