Sunday, November 20, 2011

A kiss, a princess ... a mess

The literature teacher wants us to work in teams.
I have always loved that at my old school, cause working with the girls was always fun,, and great if Doc was in the group, but now i dont know my classmates much.
And who would choose me for her team?  But the teacher just decided for us and made me join a 3 people group

I like this teacher very much cause always talks about the books with such intensity you feel like reading them all.
So i have to write a short story with my group. It has to include the words prince, princess, mouse, castle, war, cry and kiss.
Seems easy,  i could write a wonderful love story in  five minutes including all that, but when the bell rang, the teacher insisted ...

Two of the people in my group missed the class, so i went to talk to K8MoS, the only one there.
What? Plenty of time a week? No no no, girl, come here.

What am i going to do? Bf and I had been making plans. I was longing for the weekend to LIVE a love story, not to WRITE a silly homework about it!

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