Sunday, November 13, 2011

These boots are made for walking!

I met Lil' yesterday while taking a walk at the mall.
After a week of people ignoring me, it was AMAZING to have a friend to talk to!!

So we decided to do exactly that... crazy shopping. Something we would love to get but  never would  have bought if being good girlies...well, as good as we usually were able to be :P

We spent a wonderful afternoon. Eachone tried the other's new clothing, and we laughed so much trying to think of ways of hide from our moms to wear them!

Wow, what a pair we were! Lil' couldnt wait for MOna and BigBoobsBetty to see us!!
And i had a date with Bf and i was dying to know if he liked it :)

So i waited for him in camouflage outfit ... crossing fingers to not have mom asking what i had under the coat :)


Find them at ICEWERK

and you can find the pre-sexy outfits at CD designs :))

The best in pinterest :)