Thursday, December 8, 2011

Katherine's opinion

When i arrived from school Katherine was home.

Mom's face showed how 'happy' she was, but we both wanted to be nice at dad's mom, so i smiled and kissed her saying i was glad to see her.
Oh oh, something to tell us? Mom and i always joked about Katherine's next wedding cause she was always changing  rich boyfriends, but this time she looked serious.
She said dad's cousin had told her about 'our difficult situation'. She said she knew i had been forced to leave 'a good school and go to a bad one' ...

Mom's eyes filled up with tears and mumbling, 'excuse me', ran upstairs. I felt i could slap my grandma and jumped to go after mom.

I was so angry i didnt want to join her and mom for dinner. Katherine didnt mind to hurt our feelings with her opinions, so i just hoped she was very hurt by my not talking to her. Fortunately, she didnt stay for the night.
And i stayed in my room... with  Smowl .

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